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Our Beauty Advisors’ Must-Have Products

Everyday, our Beauty Advisors go the extra mile, assisting each and every customer with kindness, care and compassion while sharing their incredible beauty and skincare knowledge with our community. In celebration of Customer Service Appreciation Week, we asked our amazing Beauty Advisors what their favorite Thrive Causemetics® products are, and why they love you, our Thrive Family. 

Our Beauty Advisors' Must-Have Products


  • Favorite Product: Instant Fix™ Brow Gel
  • Product Explanation: The Instant Fix™ Brow Gel is my holy grail product for my very full (thanks to COVID) eyebrows! I've never been a huge eyebrow person. I've always fixated on skin and lashes, but now I won't even leave my house without setting my brows with the Instant Fix™ Brow Gel. I'm hooked! 
  • Why I Love Our Thrive Family: I absolutely adore speaking with customers everyday. Every single customer has a different requirement and expectation. Our customers definitely keep me on my toes and I truly enjoy getting to help every single one of them and learn about their beauty needs. 

Our Beauty Advisors' Must-Have Products


  • Favorite Product: Brilliant Eye Brightener™
  • Product Explanation: I love how it opens up and brightens up your eye area. I also like how versatile this product is. You can use it for all your makeup looks. It’s also one of those products that will make you receive compliments all day. 
  • Why I Love Our Thrive Family: Thrive customers are the absolute best! They are so loyal to the brand and so nice to work with. Our customers are always willing to learn more about our products and try new things. All of our customers are so, so welcoming and are one of the reasons I love working with Thrive Causemetics®. 

    Our Beauty Advisors' Must-Have Products


    • Favorite product: Lip Filler Long Wearing + Plumping Lip Liner™
    • Product Explanation: My workspace is covered in mugs. Coffee in this one, smoothie in another, orange juice I'm still working on from breakfast, one's half filled with peppermint tea, and there's water in here somewhere. Five cups of tea in a day is my normal and so is my lip liner lasting through all of them! The Lip Filler Long Wearing + Plumping Lip Liner™ stays in place through it all so even when my living space is a mess of cups, my look is flawless. 
    • Why I Love Our Thrive Family: Our Thrive Family is so wonderfully supportive. It's incredible seeing the outpouring of love from our turquoise family when someone shares their beautiful makeup style on our Facebook threads + Instagram posts or to hear about someone's self-care journey through skincare. For a lot of people (myself included) makeup and skincare makes life better and I adore being a part of finding someone's perfect beauty recommendation to help the days be a little brighter.


     Our Beauty Advisors' Must-Have Products


    • Favorite Product: Liquid Lash Extensions™ Mascara
    • Product Explanation: I am quite a minimalist when it comes to my makeup routine and this mascara makes me look as though I put a lot more effort into my look. Yes, my lashes are voluminous and my eyes pop but what I love most about this mascara is the zero amount of effort it takes to remove. Especially during quarantine, I have become a bit lazy when removing my mascara. Just warm water to remove? Yes please! Our Liquid Lash Extensions™ Mascara is my holy grail!
    • Why I Love Our Thrive Family: Being a part of a team where you know your voice is heard and you are valued makes you show up and give 100%. I strongly believe that our customer service team is the heartbeat of this wonderful company. Having the influence to truly help a customer and be a reason they enjoy their experience with Thrive Causemetics® is a wonderful feeling.

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