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Giving the Gift of Hope: The Diary of Nalie

Thrive Causemetics® has always been fueled by friendship. I started Thrive Causemetics® after losing my friend Kristy to cancer at 24 years old with a mission to empower everyone to truly thrive in their lives through creating, high performance, vegan cosmetics + skincare that gives back with every purchase. One of the greatest gifts that our Bigger Than Beauty® mission has given me is the continued gift of friendship with amazing people like Nalie Agustin. Nalie is a best-selling Author, Speaker, and Wellness Advocate living + thriving with metastatic breast cancer. 

My relationship with Nalie started over social media, shortly after I decided to launch Thrive Causemetics®. She now has become one of my closest friends, in fact, we now call each other soul sisters. Nalie was one of our first beneficiaries of our product donation program and is still intimately involved with our company and philanthropic mission. From the moment I met her, I noticed she had Kristy’s same magnetic spirit. Nalie, like Kristy, instantaneously makes you know that you matter and that you belong. 


Since the day I founded Thrive Causemetics®, we have always named our color cosmetics after inspiring, authentic people and when it came time to launch our second product, Infinity Waterproof Eyeliner™, I knew the perfect shade to honor my newfound friend, Nalie: our gorgeous chocolate brown shimmer shade. The microshimmer in the Nalie eyeliner reminds me of the sparkle in her eyes and her spirit. The chocolate brown reminds me of her beautiful chestnut eyes that see into your soul and make you feel seen. 

 Nalie recently self-published her first book, 'The Diary of Nalie', which we are sending you today along with your Nalie eyeliner*. The Diary of Nalie is more than a memoir: It is an ode to personal growth - a poetic piece empowering you to live your most meaningful and purposeful life, no matter what you’re going through.


Nalie is my “why”, she is a huge part of my personal purpose and why I feel so privileged to come to work every day. I hope you enjoy reading this book and I hope every time you wear the Nalie eyeliner you are reminded that you are seen and know that you matter.



Founder + CEO, Thrive Causemetics®


*Available while supplies last.

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