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All of Our Shipping Is Now Carbon Neutral

At Thrive Causemetics®, we strive to elevate as many lives as we can. This ranges from our donations that help empower women through life-altering events, to ensuring all of our products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. We formulate our products with natural extracts whenever possible because we truly believe the most effective skincare ingredients are grown and sourced from the world around us. 

Thrive Causemetics®’ Commitment to Sustainability

In our ongoing mission to uplift, we are doing our part to create balance in our environmental ecosystem, and taking responsibility for our collective carbon footprint. Starting April 2020, we have begun to offset our carbon emissions for every shipment we send and receive by making a contribution that will help our planet thrive. We’re able to do this because of your continued support, and we’re excited to make this journey a commitment toward a greener earth together. 

How We’re Helping our Planet Thrive

To help us achieve carbon neutrality, we are partnering with two organizations. One is Pachama, a tech company focused on developing solutions to promote rainforest growth. For every shipment from our warehouse to your door, emission cost will be calculated and given to Pachama, who will then neutralize our effect on the planet by actively supporting reforestation and biodiversity efforts. We officially started this initiative on April 23, 2020, as of today, we have already offset 114.5 metric tons of CO2 and helped protect an estimated area of 1.1 km² of forest and an estimated 143,135 new tree seedlings!

For our larger freight shipments, we’ve partnered with to help offset our emissions by donating funds to verified sustainability initiatives who are helping to reverse deforestation in the Amazonian Basin, supporting international wind energy, converting landfill gas to renewable energy and more.

We hope to continue to make more strides in environmental sustainability and we appreciate you for supporting us in this journey. 

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