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$30M for Karissa’s 30th Birthday!

$30M donation to women in need

Thrive Causemetics®, a leading direct-to-consumer makeup company built around philanthropy, announced a record-breaking donation of $30,000,000 in makeup products to women in need in celebration of Founder and CEO Karissa Bodnar’s 30th birthday. Recipients of this donation include beneficiary organizations such as RAINN, Upward Bound House and Share Cancer Support. This is the brand’s second multi-million dollar product donation announcement in two weeks. The most recent announcement on June 26th celebrated a $10M production donation, totaling a collective donation of $40M to nonprofit organizations.

Giving back was always Bodnar's first goal. For every product you purchase the brand donates to organizations that support women overcoming remarkable challenges including domestic abuse, homelessness, cancer and more, as well as to communities and animals in need. The brand’s mission has been instrumental in its meteoric growth in just four years, with Bodnar’s inclusion on Forbes 2019 list of Self Made Women: America’s Most Successful Women Entrepreneurs.

“Birthdays are always a time of reflection for me, looking back on the year past and setting new goals for the year to come. This year Thrive Causemetics® reached new heights as a business, allowing us to give more than ever before to women in need, and for the first time to our community following the California Wildfires. I could not be more proud,” said Karissa Bodnar, Founder and CEO of Thrive Causemetics®. "On top of that, building the culture we have built and sharing the passion of our mission with our team and customers has been incredibly rewarding to me. So as I plan for what’s next on this milestone birthday, my hope is that we can help change the world (even if in the tiniest way) through our giving, and that this team and our community continues to support our mission so we can continue spreading kindness to the people who need it most.”

These two donations follow three major donations from Thrive Causemetics®, including a partnership with She’s the First on International Women’s Day (March 2019), where the company donated 100% of profits from the sale of one of their best-selling products; a history-making $25 million product donation to over 50 nonprofits across the U.S. in honor of the brand’s fourth anniversary (February 2019); and a $250,000 monetary donation to organizations like the American Red Cross to support those affected by the California wildfires (November 2018).

Beverly’s Birthdays, a Pittsburgh-based nonprofit that provides birthday cheer to women & children experiencing homelessness, is one of the beneficiaries of this donation. Since the organization’s inception in 2011, it has created over 30,000 birthday experiences for families in the state of Pennsylvania.

“At Beverly's Birthdays, we let children and families know they matter and Thrive Causemetics® products show the women that we serve that they matter. We utilize the birthday as an opportunity to let someone know they are worth celebrating. Believing you are worthy, you matter, and that you are beautiful is integral to your self-worth," noted Megs Yunn, Founder.

Find Your Fabulosity, another beneficiary of this donation, is a nonprofit in Longwood, FL that distributes lipstick to women emerging from domestic abuse situations to all 50 states across the country.

Sheryl Kurland, President/Founder commented, “To a woman recovering from domestic abuse, a new Thrive Causemetics® lipstick means ‘I have a voice, an identity, and beauty inside and out. — fabulosity!’ It’s a tube of inspiration. Because of the generous lipstick donations we receive from Thrive Causemetics®, together we are able to support thousands of domestic abuse victims in their healing process.”

Pink Warrior Angels Hill Country, a nonprofit in New Braunfels, TX is a beneficiary of this celebratory donation. This organization provides emotional and financial support for those recently diagnosed with breast cancer as well as a sisterhood to lead the way throughout their journey.

Jen Reynolds, President of Pink Warrior Angels Hill Country also mentioned, "Pink Warrior Angels Hill Country is so thankful to partner with Thrive Causemetics® by including their amazing products in our chemo care kits. These kits are donated to breast cancer Thrivers all over the United States to show them that they are not alone in their battle. I know first-hand that losing your hair and eyelashes is incredibly traumatic, so the inclusion of the natural-looking eyelashes with a safe adhesive is a way to show these women, ‘Hey, we’ve been where you are and we want to support you through it as best we can.’ As women, we want to feel pretty, and these products give us the opportunity to share a little love and to help our Thrivers feel beautiful despite everything else. This can have a HUGE impact on their journey as they face the physical challenges of a cancer diagnosis. When companies like Thrive Causemetics® donate these incredible, safe cosmetics for our care packages, we believe it shows our Warriors that they aren’t forgotten, that they are surrounded by support and love, and it’s our goal to make that known to them."

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