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Everything You Need to Know About Dimethicone

Think about that rich, silky-smooth—yet weightless and non-greasy—texture you feel when you apply your favorite moisturizer. That’s partly dimethicone, and it’s responsible for creating that almost cream-to-powder consistency that makes your products silky to the touch and so much more. 

Dimethicone is a man-made polymer molecule derived from silicon, one of the planet’s naturally occurring and most abundant elements (it’s made from sand!). It’s used in everything from safe, edible cooking oils to diaper rash creams. When implemented in cosmetics, dimethicone provides many nourishing and hydrating benefits while enriching the surface of the skin with a luxuriously spreadable smoothness. 


Dimethicone is a highly versatile molecule. It’s occlusive, which means it prevents skin from losing moisture - while letting your skin breathe. This makes dimethicone especially effective when it’s applied after cleansing the face, because it provides a sealing effect to lock in hydration while blocking out irritants. One skincare tip is to use dimethicone as one of the last steps in your routine because its sealant quality boosts the efficacy of your skincare products. 

Dimethicone is also an emollient, meaning it softens and soothes dry skin. Not only does dimethicone offer dramatic moisturizing capabilities, but it does so without any oily or greasy residue that can clog pores and lead to breakouts. Dimethicone is hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, and nonacnegenic, making it safe for even the most sensitive skin and assuaging any fears of clogged pores or acne.

Dermatologists have reported that petroleum jelly is technically the most potent moisturizer available, but it comes with the side effects of toxins, unpleasant odors and excess greasiness. Dimethicone isn’t as thick as petroleum jelly, but it still provides a long-lasting softness that feels light and airy on the skin. It’s a great complement to drying acne medications like benzoyl peroxide to ensure skin still reaps the benefits of reduced oil production without flakiness.


Because dimethicone offers so many skincare benefits, it elevates any makeup formula it’s in. Dimethicone’s silky and intensely hydrating yet light and spreadable texture makes it an ideal ingredient to incorporate into hand creams, body lotions, face masks and lip products. For those seeking an oil-free moisturizer, dimethicone is likely to be the key component, as it contains no oil, yet still strengthens the skin’s moisture barrier. Moisturizers with dimethicone are also less likely to clog pores and cause inflammation. 

In beauty products like foundations, CC creams, blushes, and bronzers, dimethicone has the ability to prevent shine by absorbing excess sweat to keep makeup looking pristine. The molecule’s ultra-moisturizing and easily blendable properties can also combat signs of aging by helping to fill in fine lines and wrinkles with skin-firming hydration

Dimethicone’s smoothing capabilities make it a powerful addition to face primers and eye primers because it provides an ultra-smooth and even textured canvas that visibly blurs on contact, especially the look of blemishes and fine lines. Dimethicone can also be found in waterproof mascaras because of its ability to adhere to lashes and repel excess moisture.


In addition to having tremendous smoothing and moisturizing potential, dimethicone has been declared completely safe to use in skincare and cosmetics. However, like all skincare ingredients, dimethicone has the possibility to cause a reaction on your skin. If you find this to be the case, remove products gradually from your routine until you determine the culprit. Always focus on what’s best for you and your skin. If you ever have any questions about our product ingredients, our Beauty Advisors are standing by to answer any questions about how to make your skincare and makeup routines the best they can be.

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