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Celebrating Giving Tuesday

We are grateful that you help bring our Bigger Than Beauty® mission to life.
With every purchase you make, we donate - and the impact we have
is all thanks to YOU.

Your 2021 Impact...

You added 54 NEW Giving Partners to our community.

You launched the Breonna Taylor Endowed Scholarship at the University of Louisville, which sent Kaelyn Goatley to Nursing school this year.

You raised over $100,000 during our Juneteenth Donation Day campaign, which supported over 20 non-profits focused on serving the Black community.

You supported individuals who are:
Fighting Cancer
Emerging from Homelessness
Adjusting to life outside the uniform
A part of API & LGBTQ+ Communities
Surviving Domestic Abuse

 Since our founding in 2015, we've grown our Bigger Than Beauty™ program to include over 400 Giving Partners across the country.

Because of YOU, our impact partnerships continue to grow
and heal the world around us.

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