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Bigger Than Beauty® Skincare

Sustainability is a brand promise and one of the tenets of our Bigger Than Beauty® mission. Since 2020 we have saved over 4 million trees through our carbon offset program, and are just getting started. This year, our sustainability pledge evolves even further as we move to update our skincare offering with the introduction of Bigger Than Beauty® Skincare

What is Bigger Than Beauty® Skincare? Our collection of the same skin-transforming vegan skincare products you love, soon-to-be updated with more sustainable packaging. 

What’s going to change today? Not much! You can shop Bigger Than Beauty® Skincare exclusively here at and you’ll receive the same high-performance products and formulas. You will start to see the transition to our new packaging over the next year. 

Why is the packaging and skincare collection name changing? Currently our skincare packaging is made with excess materials, however switching to more modern and sustainable materials is a leap forward towards our ongoing sustainability commitment. 

When will this change happen? Starting today, you will notice that all your favorite skincare products are now part of the Bigger Than Beauty® Skincare collection – and over the next year we will begin to introduce new packaging and new formulas to the collection. 

How does this affect our Giving Mission? For every Bigger Than Beauty® Skincare product purchased, along with any makeup product or tool, we will continue to donate to our communities. You are an important part of our community and, without you, our Giving Mission to help our over 400 Giving Partners would not be possible. Our Giving and sustainability mission continues with your support.


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