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Thrive Thursday


This heartwarming picture of two little girls, Maliyah and Madelina comforting each other at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh speaks volumes about love, friend and lifelong bond that can be developed at any age.

The photo was taken by Maliyah’s mother, Tazz Jones and shows the moment the two girls met for the first time.  

Both girls are going through treatment for cancer. Maliyah has been fighting stage IV neuroblastoma since 2012, which caused a cancerous tumor to grow in her abdomen and spread to her bone marrow. Madelina, 2 years old was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia in 2014.

The two girls immediately became best friends upon meeting.  “She and Maliyah instantly clicked as if they knew one another for some time. They played together for a while before taking a break to sit and look out the window, quietly embracing,” Jones told ABC News.

“Through sickness and health there will always be someone by your side whether you know them or not. My heart filled with joy and hope, and I knew that I cannot just be the only person to see this. This is the perfect example of love.” - Jones wrote.

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