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Bigger Than Beauty®: Kristy LeMond Spotlight

“It’s up to you to find beauty in the ugliest days.” – quote from Kristy’s blog: wake up and live.

In her short time on earth, Kristy did more than many of us do in a lifetime. She had a passion for helping young children and this was evident through her work.

During the last two years of her life, Kristy took her mission global. She travelled to the Dominican Republic, Tanzania and Chile to volunteer and work with children. Each time she returned from a journey her heart overflowed with love for the children she met. Her unconditional love, genuine care, and infectious smile left an imprint on all she met during her travels. She wanted to make a difference in their lives, and through this she learned that giving herself to others filled her heart and gave her a sense of purpose for her life.

She chronicled her travels through her blog: wake up and live. When her travels were cut short due to her cancer diagnosis, Kristy decided to share her story with the world. Her blog perfectly captures Kristy’s spirit and continues to inspire people around the world.

Thank you Kristy for inspiring me to embark on this journey and positively impact the lives of women going through treatment for cancer. When you left us, I knew we had to make something beautiful to honor your life; I hope this allows more to experience the joy that you provided to everyone around you.

Kristy is thrive causemetics®. Her spirit is alive in everything that we do.

Sarcoma Foundation of America provides support to patients and advocates for increased research to find innovative therapies with which to treat patients with sarcoma.

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